Daily Love for your Intimate Self

Rosebud Woman is a female founded product line that creates intimate self and body care for women.

"Rosebud makes intimate skin and body care products that support all of the stages of a woman’s sensual, sexual and reproductive life - from menarche to menopause and beyond. From arousal to moisture to soothing, these clean, plant-based products cultivate comfort and pleasure through all cycles of a woman’s life." - Christine Mason, Founder, Rosebud Woman

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Honor Everyday Balm
Honor Everyday Balm
Honor Everyday Balm
Honor Everyday Balm
Honor Everyday Balm

Honor Everyday Balm

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This silky balm honors your most intimate skin. Used daily, it replenishes and conditions the tender skin of the inner labia and entire vulva region. Used for play, it dissolves into a beautiful oil.

Perfect for prenatal, postnatal and menopausal skin.

  • Luminous Best Seller
  • Clean, Plant-Based Ingredients
  • Sustainably Sourced
Christine Mason

Christine started Rosebud Woman in response to women’s unaddressed needs and to encourage women to love and care for their whole selves. Christine had noticed that intimate wellness products were primarily designed for use with a sexual partner, or medicalized to treat a diagnosed issue. She could not find clean and effective products to provide comfort, relief and pleasure for all women -- whether it be period pain or perimenopause symptom relief.

In 2017, after extensive years of research into women’s intimate care needs and in collaboration with top experts, Rosebud Woman was born. With it came an entirely new category: intimate self-care. The line also encourages a new practice for women: to appreciate, honor and inhabit their entire body on a daily basis.