Nature of Things

"Taking care of oneself means tuning in to the rhythms of our own bodies as well as those of the world around us. It means being present in the moment to lay a more healthful foundation for the future. Of course, we do not take credit for these ideas. They are practically as old as time. Yet they are powerful and true.They are the nature of things."

Why We Love it

We love a reminder to slow down and take care of ourselves. Natureofthings crafts skin care formulas that beg to be savored. Slowly. Always plant, mineral and element based, impeccably clean and backed by science for skin that's as soft and smooth as nature intended it <3

Nature of Things at Luminous

Erika's Must Have Product...

Superlative Body Balm
Superlative Body Balm
Superlative Body Balm

Superlative Body Balm

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Our absolute favorite balm to melt away muscle pain & tension.  A mix of potent botanicals including arnica, ginger, turmeric and boswellia target inflammation, aches and pains.

Cooling menthol creates an invigorating sensation while moisture-rich emollients like Jojoba oil and shea butter quench dryness.

Apply anywhere you experience discomfort.

  • Luminous Best Seller
  • Clean, Plant-Based Ingredients
  • Sustainably Sourced