Master Lash Artist Ali


When Did You Get Your Start In The Beauty Industry?

I graduated from Artistic Academy in 2017 with my Esthetics license. I started in the beauty industry as a makeup artist, but first tried out lashing after graduation. I thought it wasn’t for me until I found Luminous later that year. Luminous changed my perspective on beauty and made me fall in love with lashes and seeing how they make women feel beautiful.  

Who Is Your Beauty Icon?

My two absolute favorite beauty icons are Audrey Hepburn and Kevyn Aucoin. Growing up I loved watching old movies of Audrey. I was so drawn to her timeless beauty and elegance that almost seems effortless. And as I’ve grown to learn more about her I’ve also been inspired in her outlook of beauty as not just external but also internal. As she says, “happy girls are the prettiest girls”. 

Kevyn Aucoin inspired me to get into makeup for many of the same reasons. He was also influenced by Audrey and approached beauty as more about happiness and self love. 

What Is Your Current Favorite Beauty Trend?

Right now one of my favorite beauty trends is colorful eyeliner because I love how fun and bright it is. Freckles and glowy skin are also an all time favorites. They’re just so naturally beautiful and radiant. I love skin that looks healthy and real. 

What's 1 Non-Beauty Essential Every Women Should Have?

The one non-beauty thing that I think is essential to a woman’s beauty is the way she views herself and how she talks to herself. To me the most beautiful women are the ones who are confident in the skin they wear and do things to take care of themselves and not to make other people happy. 

What's 1 Thing Or Belief Women Should Get Rid Of Right Away?

One non-beauty thing women should get rid of right now, is compromising their own happiness for others and letting other peoples opinions determine how they view themselves and their beauty. 

Who Would You Love To Get Your Lash & Brow Hands On?

I would loveee to get my lash and brow hands on Keira Knightley, Ashley Graham or Rihanna. Each of them has such an elegance that’s beautiful and they’re all such strong, powerful women who inspire women in different ways. 

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