Lash Artist Kristen


When Did You Get Your Start In The Beauty Industry?

I started doing lashes and brows in 2018 and joined luminous in 2021! I attended Christine Valmy for my esthetician license!

Who Is Your Beauty Icon?

I don’t have any specific beauty icons really- I love trying new things that are recommended by someone who really loves the product so I find a lot of my beauty inspiration from random creators on tik tok these days!

What Is Your Current Favorite Beauty Trend?

My current beauty trend faves are really any products that I haven’t seen before. I like trying innovative products that I haven’t seen before. I feel like that’s what keeps the beauty industry exciting for me! I’ve currently been loving the euphoria styled makeup trends.

What's 1 Non-Beauty Essential Every Women Should Have?

A non-beauty item that is essential to a woman’s beauty is good jewelry!!! A pretty necklace and earrings are an absolute staple piece!

What's 1 Thing Or Belief Women Should Get Rid Of Right Away?

Women should throw out clothing that they haven’t worn in the past 6 months- there is no better feeling than cleaning out your closet- and you can give those unwanted pieces to women that need them!

Who Would You Love To Get Your Lash & Brow Hands On?

I would love to get my brow hands on anyone that’s looking to love their brows- I would love to help them feel more confident!

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