Creating Space for Healing

Creating Space for Healing
I first heard the term “collective trauma” in March 2020.  Before then, it never occurred to me, that an entire group of people could be negatively impacted and forever changed by a historical event. Now, more than two years later, it seems each week we are experiencing new trauma, collectively.
The shooting in Uvalde, Texas has left us all raw with emotion. At Luminous, we've spent the week holding space for our community's big feelings. In that space, each person has given themselves what they need. Some have vented and cried; others have welcomed small talk and laughter. Each person has thanked us for the space held for them and their big feelings.  
This Sunday, I invite you to create space for your own big feelings.  Spend 15-30 minutes talking to a friend or journaling about how you've felt this week. Go for a walk in nature.  Leave time for meditation.  
My hope is that in the moments you create, you can release some feelings and open the door to relief.  
Wishing you a Sunday of collective healing,

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