Making Time For You

Making Time For You

The world seems to be going faster every day as if we are making up for lost time. Is it me or are we are falling into our old habits and putting everyone else first again? 

Every day I am taking care of A LOT of people, and I know you are too.  If there is one thing these past few years have taught us it's that making the time for our own self care, makes us even better at taking care of others.   

So consider this your gentle April reminder, to make some time each day, to take care of you.

Here are a few easy and impactful suggestions, to incorporate self care, into your daily routine.


Mind your Mind:  In real life and the Metaverse the people and messages you surround yourself with can affect your mental health.  Add a beautiful new book to your bedside table and flip through the pages first thing in the morning, or right before bed instead of endlessly scrolling on social.  We suggest Joanna Vargas’s Glow From Within as the perfect reminder that beauty starts on the inside. Joanna shares fresh insights into self care and beauty practices that encourage beautiful and glowing skin.  

Stress is sneaky and can build up in us over time. Take a bath.  The ritual of bathing can improve your mental well being by encouraging rest, mindfulness and a full body destress.  Even if you’re not a bath person, consider adding 1 bath a week as built in self care that makes you feel calmer and more clear headed.  We recommend Pursoma’s Digital Detox Bath for tension release and a mind body reset.  

Make sleep special.  We know we feel so much better (and our skin looks amazing)  when we’ve had a good night’s sleep, so give yourself extra motivation to get to bed 30 min earlier. We suggest setting the vibe in your bedroom with a spritz of Slip’s Sleep Mist.  Lavender and Chamomile notes sprayed into the center of your room encourage bedtime relaxation and beauty sleep. 

And friend, be nice to you, because you deserve to love yourself well.  



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