Pause and Contemplate Your Wellness

Pause and Contemplate Your Wellness
Growing up in the 80's, as a first generation American, meant that my house had the best snack cabinet.  Nothing said,  “We are making it in America” more than shelves full of iconic brands like Oreos, Twinkies, Doritos and yes, even Coke. 
Jumping ahead to the early 2000's I began to understand the harmful impact of junk food on the body.  Recognizing the link between diet and overall well being, prompted me to incorporate more whole foods and plants into my diet.  The more I learned, the more my habits shifted. The more I shifted, the better I felt.  I was officially swept up in the Wellness movement.  
The last few years have forced me to look at the link between my mental and emotional wellness and the media I consume. Gone are the celebrity gossip magazines I once couldn't live without. Gone is the nightly cable news I realized was keeping more enraged than informed.  I've traded almost all of my reality tv watching for podcasts and audio books that stoke my interests and make me feel more of what I want to feel.  
Most recently, I curated my social media follows and feeds to feel more aligned with my values, instead of just being shown the latest heavily filtered makeup looks and flashy lash techniques.  
My intention in sharing this is not to say that you should cut back on junk food or reality tv.  I share this to say that today, you might contemplate what contributes to you feeling well in both your body and your mind.  It might be dancing more and running less for some, while others might indulge in more reality tv and less work.  
Only you know the keys to your wellness.  Only you can create a life, a routine and even a social media feed that bolsters you feeling well.  

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