Pause and Tap Into Sunday

Pause and Tap Into Sunday
I yearn for soft Sunday energy all week long. 
Sundays feel like the one day we can stop going, going, going and instead make room for the pleasure of connection and reflection.  Even when the “to do list” is long, Sunday chores feel less demanding and Sunday company feels more intimate.   
One of the loveliest aspects of Sunday's energy is her support in releasing negativity from the week before. That release allows us to make room for new goals for the upcoming days.  
So today, I invite you to set the mood for your connection and reflection.  Cue up a nostalgia evoking playlist and take a song or 2 or 3 to practice your favorite self care. Include a ritual, symbolic of letting go of last week's stress, (i.e. watch “stress” wash down the drain or light a candle to burn “stress” off) and set intentions for next week's goals.  
Tapping into Sunday's soft energy can help us navigate the challenges of this upcoming week with greater ease and grace. 
Wishing you a lovely Sunday,

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