Fancii - Mini Lumi LED Compact Mirror

Fancii - Mini Lumi LED Compact Mirror

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Mini lumi is an inch smaller than their lumi compact, so if you’re a clutch or fanny pack kinda gal this lighted compact is for you! Available in a 7X or 10X magnification, mini lumi offers crystal clear clarity and precision for all your beauty needs on-the-go.

It is designed with led lights for a color-corrected reflection of your skin and has enough light power to get you through 833 days if we ever had a zombie apocalypse and lost power, you could basically use it as a flashlight.

LED compact mirror, 4", 1X/10X. Product (mm): 100 W x 100 H x 20 L. Package (mm): 105 W x 105 H x 30 L.

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