The Rocket Blender Brush 
The Rocket Blender Brush 

The Rocket Blender Brush 

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  • It's a unique product, part blending sponge and part makeup brush.
  • Peta approved bristles feel luxuriously soft like cashmere on the skin.
  • This brush and sponge hybrid was designed to slip into your handbag.
  • Perfect for fixing your makeup on-the-go, you'll love the size.
  • Designed and developed by Otis Batterbee so you know it works!
  • The sponge and brush was tested on all skin types and skin ages.
Care Tips
  • This Otis Batterbee Rocket Blender Brush likes to be washed in lukewarm water and hates being soaked, for the best results wash only the tip of the brush and leave to dry over your counter or sink edge so water doesn’t run inside the metal section.

    Size: 100mm x 25mm

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